199 - Jet Lag
Photo by Eva Darron

You just deplaned at 3 a.m. “your time” but it’s 5 p.m. in Sydney, Australia. Now what? You could go to bed and gradually try to reset your body clock. Or you could hit the streets and schmooze with the locals, sample strange foods, and try to navigate unfamiliar terrain in your sleep-deprived state. It’s a whole new world of awesome. Just, please don’t operate heavy machinery.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Model ships have been found dating back as far as Ancient Greece. Like, how cool was the first Dad who brought one home to give Junior? Model airplanes became the hot toy in the 50s (maybe because of the airplane glue). But today you can find model kits for everything from famous architecture to robot spiders. (Because real spiders aren’t creepy enough.)

197 - Toy Store
Photo by Karen Vardazaryan

Don’t be surprised if you get a little verklempt seeing old-school faves like Lite Brite, Hot Wheels, Slinky, Slime (remember when it came in a garbage can?), Mr Potato Head and more. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) While you’re there, be sure to try out some new stuff, too. Maybe a kid could even give you a demo while you explain to them what a Fisher Price Chatter Phone is.

196 - Colour your hair
Photo by Elizabeth Lies

They say blondes have more fun, but maybe blue’s your favourite hue. With all the kooky colours available, you can be a shade more daring. Experiment with a temporary rinse or boldly go with something permanent. You may be a redhead by birth, but purple reigns!

195 - Hang backstage
Photo by Seabass Creative

Seeing your favourite band is awesome, but seeing them off-stage is even awesomer. You might wait for hours to catch a glimpse, but meeting someone whose work you love, getting a photo or autograph, your adrenaline will be off the charts! The next time someone cool is in town, charge up your phone, wear comfy shoes, and always carry a pen.


194 - Play Hooky
Photo by Lidya Nada

Sometimes you wake up and think, it’s waaaaaay too nice to go to work. Go with that feeling and channel your inner Ferris Bueller to call in sick (bonus points for synthesized coughing). Once you’ve phoned in your Oscar performance, the world is your oyster! Sleep in late. Go to the park. Catch a matinee and have the theatre all to yourself. Just don’t wander too close to the office, cough, cough.

193 - Director's Commentary
Photo by John Moeses

This is similar to Dubbing A Movie (Day #7), but instead of doing the characters’ voices, you and your friends improvise what happened behind the scenes. Be Scorsese. Or Kubrick. Or Tommy Wiseau. B-movies are especially good for this (h/t to @cotoia for introducing us to Collision Coursewith Jay Leno). You can also play actors, producers, boom mic operators…whatever inspires. Just fire up a flick and make sh*t up!