262 - Pick Berries
Photo by Farsai C

When Sally was little, she’d pick wild blackberries that grew on a bush near her home. What didn’t make it into her mouth, her Mum made into apple and blackberry pies. If you don’t have wild fruit growing nearby, you can visit an apple orchard or farm. It’s a bushel of fun!

261 - Patch
Photo by Hermes Rivera

Back in the day, people used patches to get more wear out of clothes. But why wait till your favourite jeans wear thin? Give your denim some one-of-a-kind style with funky fabric. You can make your own patches from scraps of cloth, or buy embroidered ones online. For extra cool factor, search “vintage patches” with music, travel, and pop culture themes. And for pretty patch inspo, check out @peachberserk.

260 - Chopped mystery basket-2
Photo by Brooke Cagle

Try this for your next pot luck: ask a couple of friends to bring five random ingredients, keeping them hidden until the reveal. (Since you’ll all be eating the final dish, make sure they’re things you won’t mind eating.)

Each person will create either an app, entrée, or dessert. Once you’ve decided who’s making what, “contestants” swap ingredients, then each person gets 30 minutes to make their dish.

What would Geoffrey Zakarian or Alex Guarnaschelli do with a can of sardines, a box of KD, black garlic, heirloom tomatoes, and a jar of horseradish? Hmmm, good question. Your time starts…now!

259 - Trim hedge
Photo by Pixabay

That wall of green is just waiting for you to turn it into something cool. You can carve stuff into it or sculpt shapes out of it, like an Easter Island statue, a dolphin, or even a dragon. And if you cut it a little too close, don’t worry: it’ll grow back!

258 - Make a Zine
Photo by Sally Smallwood

Zines are an underground art form that reached its peak in the ‘80s and ‘90s, before blogging took over. They were non-profit (and by that we mean, highly unprofitable) passion projects, hand drawn, hand typed, collaged and photocopied in batches of 100 or less.

That pretty much describes Beatle Nuts Only, the work of then 15-year-old Sally and 11-year-old niece, Sophie.

You can make a zine about anything: music, comics, pop culture… For inspo, check out @austinkleon’s five-year-old son Owen’s zine, called I Hurt.

257 - Revolving Resto-2
Photo by Tim Gouw

It’s like a giant ferris wheel. On its side. With food.

If you don’t like the view when you first get seated, just wait a few minutes and it’ll change. Revolving restaurants aren’t just for tourists; they’re a great way to get a 360 view of the city and beyond. For added wow factor, go for dinner and watch the sun set. Just don’t leave your bag on the window sill!

256 - Breakkie in bed copy
Photo by Jen P.

It’s not just for hotels and Mother’s Day anymore.

First, open one of those cute little boxes of cereal: the kind you love but would never buy in the big size. Now fry some bacon. Don’t run the fan; let that bacon-y goodness fill the air. Make your eggs just the way you like ‘em: scrambled, poached, over easy. (No snotty egg whites.) Toast your bread and let the butter melt into every crevice. Or make French toast, or pancakes with real maple syrup. Brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee, add a glass of OJ, and serve it all on your best Ikea white china.

That’s one way to do it, but maybe all you need is a cup of tea and to watch the world go by. That’s cool too. Happy days!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of your lives.” – Pee-Wee Herman